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Plumm Mental Health HR Solutions

A new smart solution
for Mental health
and HR support.

EMMA is the next-level AI assistant you've been waiting for. Get ready for help with everything, from admin busywork to emotional support, whenever and however you need it.

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What is the
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Powering business growth,
one mind at a time

Work Well

All of your HR needs, in one place.

Live Well

Workplace mental health and wellbeing resources, including online courses and video coaching crafted to help people flourish.

Be Well

Effective chat and video therapy sessions delivered at the right time – every time.

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Your people come first.

Spend more time supporting your people, not technology. Our solution is tailored to help them on every step of their journey.

0% Return on investment
0% Better onboarding experience
0xMore engagement than an EAP
0+ Therapists and coaches

But that’s just scratching
the surface.

Want to learn more about how Plumm can help your people
feel happy, fulfilled, and more productive than ever?

The modern working world is global. Your
mental health support should be too.

200+ accredited therapists and coaches. Fluent in over 30 languages, only a click away.

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The best thing about our
mental health solution?
People love using it.

Our most vested partners report an engagement rate of
76%. That’s more than 15x the typical EAP (Employee
Assistance Program) utilisation rate of 2-5%.

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Here’s what our clients say
about Plumm

“When we got Plumm two years ago, we didn’t even realise how much our team needed a service like this. It’s not just a corporate perk but something people use and can benefit from personally. Taking care of your team’s mental wellbeing is the best investment you can make.”

Undercurrent News

Jan Lepetun

COO @ Undercurrent News

“We were thrilled to find out about Plumm, which offers a full package of wellbeing support. Two years into our partnership, we have never looked back - our advisors have always been helpful and responsive and have helped us drive up usage month after month.”


Anthony Harmer


“We carried out a deep dive into sickness absence this year for the last 5 years. And over the last 2 years, our mental health absence has reduced by 20%, which correlates with our investment in mental health support with Plumm.”

Aster Group

Julie Cridland

Employee Experience Lead @ Aster Group

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